Highly interesting 2012 born mare included a cover fee of the superstar Arion, FAIR PRICE
  • Price Class B - 400.000 - 800.000- ISK

  • BLUP 118
    (expected BLUP for the foal for 2017 is 123!!!)



    Future T1 Superstar, extremly fun to ride, perfect character
  • Price Class F - 3.000.000 - 4.000.000- ISK

  • born 2010
    about 1,41 m

    This young mare is really something very special. She has this natural high foot lift in slow and fast tölt, speedchanges are very easy for her. She is an extremly positive horse what is just waiting for the rider to tell her what to do next.

    Beautiful mare with good movements, pregnant with Ölnir frá Akranesi

    born 2007
    Smokey black (creme gene)

    Urður has a really exciting breedingline. 


    TOP 4 gaited mare with an amazing character!!!

    born 2008
    about 1,43 m
    deep black
    first price parents

    I have to say, I am totally in love with this mare! She has the best character possible. She is like a dog in the stable, a well trained one (; 


    UNIQUE Opportunity, palomino daughter of the WC Hrímnir frá Ósi and a first price mare!
  • Price Class D - 1.300.000 - 2.000.000- ISK

  • born 2015

    Ok, now I am allowed to offer you sth. VERY special!!!!

    Offsprings of the fantastic Thór-Steinn for sale

    Here you have the opportunity to buy a future star, bred by the famous farm Kjartansstaðir, breeder of countless super stars and world champions!

    The horse YOU are looking for!

    There are some very special horses for sale these days.
    It does not matter what you are looking for, I know the right horse for you. 

    Fantastic first price mare, quality and color!

    born 2009
    1,41 m

    Sigyn is really something special! She is judged with 8,12 in total just 5 years old. She is a beautiful mare with 9 for neck and 8,5 for proportions. 

    Crazy movements, top breedingline

    born 2007
    1,42 m
    light chestnut

    Adda is a very special mare, just look at the video. 


    Gorgeous 4 gaited daughter of Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku

    born 2009
    about 1,42 m
    BLUP 115
    Great deal, super fair price!!!


    Fantastic first price mare pregnant with Mímir frá Hamrahóli
  • Price Class E - 2.000.000 - 3.000.000- ISK

  • born 2005

    Rót is a highly talented first price mare. With not much training she received 8,20 for ridden abilities, 8,01 in total. 


    World Championship Material

    Are you looking for a 5 gaiter, 4 gaiter, pace horse or tölt horse for the very top in competition on international level or for a breeding horse what has the material to go to the WC?

    ORRIdaughter with palomino stallionfoal and pregnant!!!

    born 2005
    1,40 m
    (her foal: palomino, BLUP 119, born 2014)

    Are you looking for sth. special for your breeding?


    PERFECT spirit!

    born 2007
    BLUP 108


    Daughter of Spuni frá Vesturkot and very good 4 gaited mare

    BLUP 117
    born 2012

    2 year old top talented Spunidaughter for sale!


    FIRST CLASS breeding package (Stáli, Krákur, Gári)
    (included marefoal of Stáli, pregnant with Krákur)
    born 2004
    Chestnut with star
    BLUP 122
    1,39 m