Daughter of Spuni frá Vesturkot and very good 4 gaited mare


BLUP 117
born 2012

2 year old top talented Spunidaughter for sale!

She is a daughter of THE STAR Spuni frá Vesturkot. There does not need to be said much about Spuni, he is the highest judged horse in the world and he won this year Gaedingarkeppni 5 gait at Landsmot just 8 years old. Spuni really has it all, he is beautiful, has a top pedigree, is an unbelievable 5 gaiter and has a perfect spirit. Just watch this video from Landsmot this year:

The mother of the young mare has first price for ridden abilities, 4 gaited (8,5 tölt, slow tölt, trot and form, 9 willingness!!!). She is a daughter of a first price Glampi son.
The 2 year old mare shows a lot of talent and this ,,typical'' movements what a lot of offsprings of Spuni have. She shows high and super elastic movements, high stepping tölt and trot and very has very active behind legs. Here a video of her from the beginning of this year: