So excited about these 2 stallion projects!!

The red one is born 2013, his name is Þessi frá Rútsstaða-Norðurkoti. He is from Álfur frá Selfssi and a first prize Oddur frá Selfossi daughter. He is now already around 1,45 m, has great movements and a very good character. He was now with 15 mares in the north over the summer and will come home soon and then in september start his training.
The black one is Kráks Svartur frá Klettholti, born 2015. He is a son of one of my favortite stallions here Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A and the first price mare Óskadís frá Brattholti. I own him together with Eike Richters. Can´t wait until he will go in training in 2 years (;

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