My service

My aim is it to sell only horses that I really like. The highest quality is my standard. 

There is always a huge number of horses for sale out there, but finding the right horse can be really challenging.

I work with the best trainers and breeding farms in Iceland and spend a lot of time driving around and trying a huge number of horses. I know where the horse you are looking for can be found. I am not only trying to sell horses from myself or only from one farm or trainer. I work independently and I want to sell you the right horse, the one that meets your requirements and your wishes. 

What are you looking for?  A perfect childrens‘ horse, an exciting youngster, a top class competition horse, a very good breeding mare or a high judged stallion. No matter what, I can promise you, I have this horse for sale. 

There is only a small selection of all the fantastic salehorses I know about listed on the homepage. Many great horses are not officially for sale, but I am allowed to offer them, when I get the right request. Or a horse is simply sold before it made it on the homepage.

Please do not hesitate to send me an email and tell me what kind of horse you are looking for, I will then send you a list of horses which meet your requirements. 

For me a sale does not end with the sale itself. I will assist you with everything that comes afterwards, such as export, keeping a horse in Iceland, finding a top trainer you can trust with your horse and works according to your wishes or finding a stallion which matches your mare and bringing her to him. If you wish I can follow up on  your youngster here in Iceland until a breeding show for example. I also like to stay in contact with the new owner of the horses I sell, when the horses have arrived in their new home. 

Here is one of many stories: 

I was in contact with a couple from Germany who were looking for a very good 5 gaited gelding, ready for sport. We had email contact for some time and I sent them information about one gelding they really liked. They decided then to come to Iceland to try him. When they tried him they liked him but I could feel that he was not THE horse. I then got a little crazy idea; I knew about a very talented 4 year old stallion I had trained some time ago. He was a very talented horse, I knew that, but of corse just 4 years old and far from ready for competition. But how it turned out, he was THE horse. So they decided to buy him. These people did not have experience with breeding shows, so they let me  assist them regarding where to have him trained in Germany and who was to show him at the breedingshow. Everything worked out perfectly and I was the one who could give the owners the call that their stallion will be representing Iceland at the world championships for the class of 6 year old stallions. As it turned out he made a fantastic second place at the world championship. The horse I am talking about is: Gígur frá Brautarholti. 


Are you interested to find the right horse and want my assistance and insider knowledge? Please do not hesitate to contact me.