Offsprings of the fantastic Thór-Steinn for sale

Here you have the opportunity to buy a future star, bred by the famous farm Kjartansstaðir, breeder of countless super stars and world champions!

Thór-Steinn, no words to be said I would say:

On the pictures you can see offsprings of the same mothers as the foals from Thor-Steinn which are for sale. I am trying in the text to explain the pictures, please do not hesitate to contact me, I speak german and english.
phone: 00354 6996680

Here a link to the famous Terna frá Kirkjubæ, the foundation of the breeding of Kjartansstöðum:
Most of the mothers of the Thór-Steinn offsprings are inbred to this unique mare which has a HUGE influence on todays breeding!
Kjartansstaðir has made very good experience mixing the blood of Terna with Orrioffsprings. Thór-Steinn is son of the honory price stallion Vilmundur frá Feti who is son of Orri.