ORRIdaughter with palomino stallionfoal and pregnant!!!


born 2005
1,40 m
(her foal: palomino, BLUP 119, born 2014)

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Djörf frá Feti is a daughter of the great Orri frá Þúfu. There are only really few daughters of this great stallion for sale. They have prooven themself many many times as fantastic breeding mares. Just look into the breedinglines of the best stallions, a lot of them are from Orridaughters.

Djörf is a very good 4 gaited mare. She received 7,81 (4 gaited!) at a breedingshow 6 years old (8,02 for conformation, 8,5 for tölt).

Djörf is for sale included her very beautiful palomino stallion foal (BLUP 119) from Þórálfur frá Prestsbæ. Þórálfur was one of the best 5 year old stallions shown this year. He received 8,56 in breedingshow! He is a very big and beautiful stallion (8,63 for conformation) with a top of the line pedigree. His father is the Sleipnir price winner Álfur frá Selfossi, his mother is the honory price mare Þoka frá Hólum.

Djörf is also pregnant with the fantastic Straumur frá Feti, a 6 year old stallion which received this year 8,42 in breeding, as a 4 gaiter!!! (9,5 for tölt and form under rider, 9 for trot, spirit, head, neck, back and proportions!).

(on the picture on the breeding track you can see Djörf, on the other picture you can see Straumur)