Young highly talented mare with X Factor


  • Price Class B - 400.000 - 800.000- ISK

  • born 2014
    about 1,35 m
    BLUP 112
    (120 for tölt and general impression!)

    This young mare is really sth very special as you can see in the video. She has super high and wide movements, a LOT of expression. Due to her small size she is for sale for a VERY fair price!!!

    Beside being super exciting for sport later she is also really interesting for breeding.

    Her mother is a very good mare with super good tölt and exciting breeding line. She is a daughter of THE Orri frá Þúfu and Perla frá Haga who is also mother of the famous Möller frá Blesastöðum 1A!
    The father of the young mare is one of my favorites Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A, a stallion who received only 4 years old 9,5 for tölt. He is father of many many X Factor horses/Landsmót/competition winners like Skíma frá Kvistum and Pixi frá Mid-Fossum to just name a few.

    So here you have the chance to buy a future star for a very reasonable price!

    (the horses under rider in the pictures are her mother and father)