Very talented sport 4 gaiter, very fun to ride

  • Price Class D - 1.300.000 - 2.000.000- ISK

  • around 1,40 m 
    born 2011 

    Stefnir is this type of complete 4 gaiter so many are looking for. 

    He has 4 equal very good gaits. 
    Even so Stefnir is a real 4 gaiter with this great 3 beated canter, he is absolutely not a trotty type and will, with more strength and training, be able to handle weight easily. 
    He is well trained but has still a lot more potential to improve! 

    In the video he is on 8mm shoes and no weight! 

    Stefnir is in a very positive way willing and always wants to please his rider. 
    He is not stressed but a reactive type who reacts on very light aids. He is therefor not for inexperienced riders. 

    This horse really has the potential to come very far in V1. 

    And the best, price is very fair for this top material!!!!