Very promising young stallion, son of Krákur and first price mare


born 2013
BLUP 113
Chestnut with star and snip

The young stallion has a fantatsic pedigree.
His father is the great honory price stallion Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A, without a doubt one of Icelands best stallions. Krákur has given many Landsmót winners. He received just 4 years old 9,5 for tölt, 8,34 in total as a 4 gaiter.

The mother of the young stallion is a first price mare which received 9 for tölt and slow tölt!

You will find no Orri in his pedigree.

The young stallion is big for his age. He shows wide and high steps, is trotting and tölting with very good movements.
(on the pictures you can see his father (black) and his mother (white).
Video of the father (4 years old):