TOP DEAL, extremly exciting stallionfoal for a super fair price


born 2015
BLUP 116

Here I am allowed to offer an extremly talented foal, I am really excited about myself. 
This young stallion has a TOPTOP breedingline. 
His mother is Óskadís frá Brattholti. She received first price just 5 years old.
With further training she would have had the possibilities to raise her marks quite a lot but the owner decided to put her into breeding.
The breedingline of her is Top of the line with only first price and honory price horses over many generations!!! Her father is the honory price stallion Huginn frá Haga I, father to many super stars like Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli, Fura frá Stóru-Ásgeirsá and Sólbjartur frá Flekkudal. 
The mother of Óskadís is a high judged first price mare (she is out of an honory price mare and and honory price stallion!) which has already given 4 first price offsprings like for example the super mare Karmen frá Blesastöðum 1A which received already 4 years old 9 for tölt, slow tölt, general impression and spirit. Karmen is a daughter of the superstar Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A.
The young stallion is also out of Krákur, so he is very much related with the supermare Karmen.
This combination seems to be very good. He has a 2013 born fullsister which is extremly exciting (see picture, the black mare standing).
And one extra which makes the young stallion even more exciting for breeding, you will find no Orri in his breedingline.
AND, the best of all, the price for this so exciting young guy! (;
(On the pictures you can see the young stallion (black foal), his mother (grey mare), his father (black stallion), Karmen (black mare under rider) and his fullsister (black mare standing).
See for yourself, he can clearly move as his pedigree promises: