TOP 5 gaited for high class competition and breeding


  • Price Class E - 2.000.000 - 3.000.000- ISK

  • black 
    1,37 m
    born 2009
    pregnant with her first foal

    Should I or should I not? Sometimes I really have to fight myself to not buy one of my salehorses myself, with Frigg I really need to fight very hard, she is soooo my type of horse (((;
    Frigg is a very unique horse in many ways, she has first prize in breeding show, is super sweet, has x Factor movements, well separated 5 very good gaits and a great breeding line.
    When you look at the video you will understand why I want to own her!

    Frigg is super!! well trained, more like a 4 gaiter to ride. 
    She was the owners horse on the 3rd year of Hólar and they took the highest exam together. She has also compete on her and already scored around 6,70 in F1.
    This mare has definatly the potential to go ALL THE WAY in 5 gait. All her gaits are super good with high movements. 
    She would also be a fantastic choice for a young rider, she is very light and supple. She is easy to ride with very sweet mind. She can look a little into things so she is not for a totally inexperienced rider.

    Frigg has a very interesting not every day breedingline. Her father Rammi frá Búlandi is well known in Iceland for giving high class sport 5 gaiters with even gaits and clean pace. He is from the honor prize stallion Keilir frá Miðsitju and the super mare Lukka frá Búlandi who has given many high judged horses.
    The mother of Frigg is from Andvari frá Ey I, father of many famous sport horses. Her mother is beside other good horses also mother of the famous Kjarkur frá Egilsstaðabæ, the father of the world champion Hvinur frá Holtsmúla 1 where many are saying that he has the best tölt even seen.

    Frigg is pregnant with the TOP Stallion Arthúr frá Baldurshaga who has the X Factor, a perfect character, is very tall and pretty AND has a very special color as you can see on the pictures.

    (in the pictures you can see Frigg (black) and the father of her unborn foal Arthúr frá Baldurshaga (buckskin sth?).
    So you see, with Frigg you have it both, a TOP breeding mare and/or competition horse! She is pregnant with her first foal and could of course easily be trained again and be ready for the competition season 2019.

    Please look at these Videos which show her Quality and how well trained she is very well: