Tígull frá Gýgjarhóli - 1st prize stallion for sale


Tígull frá Gýgjarhóli, highest judged 4 gaited stallion ever
BLUP: 115
Age: 15 years
Color: Dark chestnut with star and snip
Hight: 141 cm
Highest breeding marks, great offsprings, amazing character, beauty, energy, kindness, these are the words what come into my mind to describe this amazing stallion.
The highest judged 4 gaited horse ever is for sale. Tígull received 2003 with his rider Þórður Þorgeirsson in total 8,6. o horse until now was able to beet this record.
Tígull is a stallion without any weaknesses. He has a very good Confirmation (8,65). He received 8,56 for Ridden Abilities, 9,5 for his Tölt and Trot, 9 for Gallop, General Impression and Spirit.
He is of course very interesting for breeding. He has already 11 first price offsprings. Very well known is for example the great Vídalín frá Hamrahóli who received with only 5 years 8,66 for his ridden abilities (9,5 for his character!).
What makes Tígull next to the results of his offsprings interesting for breeding is that there is no Orri in his pedigree.
Tígull is in training and in a good shape. He is next to his qualities as a Top breeding horse also interesting for sport or just the perfect luxury freetime horse because he has really an amazing character.
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Vídalín frá Hamrahóli, son of Tígull
Highest evaluation of Tígull frá Gýgjarhóli
Name of show: Héraðssýning á Gaddstaðaflötum. Year: 2003
Jockey: Þórður Þorgeirsson