THE sweetest stallion ever AND TOP for sport too!!!


  • Price Class E - 2.000.000 - 3.000.000- ISK

  • born 2013
    BLUP 119
    about 1,38 m

    When I saw and tried Drottinn I really totally and 100 % felt in love with this amazing guy.

    He is for sure the sweetest and most positive horse possible. He ALWAYS tries to please his rider and he is this super light type with the rains by nature, which I love.

    There is 0 tension or stress in him and he is afraid of nothing.

    Beside being this nice he is also super talented. With further training he can go all the way in T2 but you can also train him for T1. All his gaits are even so he will do great in 5 gait as well and also pace test will be good. He is just 5 years old and has a lot more to give. He is shoed with 8 mm all around and has 155 gr boots in the videos but later on with more strength he is this type who can easily handle more weight.

    He can do great in all classes, no matter what age. I would love to see him with a young rider who wants to aim very high in competition.

    Drottinn has a very good breeding line as well, his father Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási received first prize for offsprings this year and has over 9 for ridden abilities. His mother is also a top mare, judged with 8,45 in total.

    But just see for yourself (;