THE perfect horse for the whole family


born 2005
Let me introduce you to this GREAT GREAT guy. 

He is a horse just everybody would like to own! TOTALLY safe, nothing but nothing!!! can stress him and really everybody can ride him! He is extremly well trained and light with the rains. If my daughter would be a bit older I would buy him myself for her. With this horse a child could really become a good rider because he is so light and very well trained and has soft gaits. And the parents could feel totally safe, a bomb could explode and he would not notice it!
I just got him in my stable and used him today for all kids around. (; He was just enjoying all the attention!
And damn, this horse is fun to ride for a good rider. After he was playing kids and beginner horse I jumped on and went for a ride. I came home with a big smile on my face! He is the opposite of lazy, you can just turn the willingness off and on at any time, you just think you want to go faster, he goes faster, you say ho, he stops immediatly. He has a lot of speed in all gaits, great movements, good form. He could be a very good T2 horse, has so much balance in tölt.
This horse will only be sold to a perfect home, he really deserves that!