Super pace mare for sale


BLUP 109
1,40 m
born 2006
Chestnut no markings light mane and tail
Hetja is easy to ride but willing. She is soft in the mouth and in a good training condition.

Pace was from the beginning rather easy for here ,she has a very good balance.

She will be really fast! She has the power to go ,she can also come in to the pace from rather fast gallop.

On the video she is with 8mm shoes and 150 gr boots.
Hetja has already also good tölt.
Hetja is a friendly horse, very easy in handling, stands always still when you mount her and you can easily catch here on the fields, she is trustful and comes to you.
Hetja has a good pedigree, her father is the great Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum who received honor price for offsprings. He is one of h highest judged horses ever with over 9 for ridden abilities.
Hetjas mother is a daughter of Ylur frá Bjarnastöðum. He is given some really good offsprings with fast pace for example Súla frá Bjarnastöðum who was second at the Icelandic Championships in 250 m Pace and 3d in T2.