SUPER BREEDING MARE: First price 4 y.+Orridaughter+Landsmótmare

  • Price Class E - 2.000.000 - 3.000.000- ISK

  • BLUP 119

    born 2009

    1,46 m

    (pictures taken 4 years old!!!)

    Smáradís frá Ragnheiðarstöðum is really something VEEEERY special and for somebody who wants to go all the way with his breeding!

    It is safe to say that her breedingline is OUTSTANDING!!! Her father is THE Orri frá Þúfu. His offsprings have proven millions of times that they are top breeding horses. Orri has passed away and it is very precious to have a daughter of him in breeding!

    But as successful breeders know, the mother line is what counts most and she is top of the line! Smáradís mother is the super mare Sif frá Prestsbakka who was at 6th place at Landsmót 2004 in the group of oldest mares. Sif is out of the 10 for tölt stallion Víkingur frá Voðmúlastöðum and out of the famous Ofeigursdaughter and honory price (!!!) mare Gyðja frá Gerðum which has given 12 (!!!) first price offsprings. Beside Sif is for example very well known the super mare Gleði frá Prestsbakka (8,96 for ridden abilities) which is also mother to many super stars.

    Smáradís received first price just 4 years old!!! Smáradis has already one foal from Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili which is super beautiful and not for sale (;. Here you have the chance to go really all the way with your breeding!!! 

    On the pictures you see Smáradis 4 years old (red horse) and both of her parents, Orri and Sif.