Super 5 gaited first prize mare, super sweet character, pregnant with Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti


  • Price Class E - 2.000.000 - 3.000.000- ISK

  • born 2012
    first prize with 8,10
    1,41 m
    black with likely creme gene (in testing right now)
    sold included pregnancy with the highest judged horse in the world (8,95!!!)

    Nótt frá Rútsstaða-Norðurkoti is for sure one of my very favorite horses and will only be sold to a perfect home.

    Nótt was as easy as it gets from day 1 when we broke her in. Always super easy and positive, never did anything against the rider. From the very beginning it felt like you were riding a 8 year old horse.

    We had to teach her to tölt which was super easy. One week after her first tölt steps we went out on her and she was going in fast tölt, 1000 % clean beated, and super smooth. Everything was so easy for her.

    In the pictures you will find some of her when she was 3,5 and 4 years old.

    Nótt has 5 very even very (!) clean gaits with a lot of speed. She never mixes any gait.For this reason I think she matches a lot of stallions, no matter if you want to breed with a pure 4 gaiter or a pure 5 gaiter.

    Nótt has a super easy character, very positive. She is always the first horse which comes running from the field. She is 0 stressed with good willingness. I wold say for sure that Nótt can be ridden by almost all riders, also just little experienced riders

    Here a video of Nótt when she was just turning 3 years old, completely untrained of course (and very fat and hairy (((;  ):

    I think Nótt will be an outstanding breeding mare,she has qualities which are rare and very hard to find.

    Her qualities are no surprise. Her mother Þota frá Rútsstaða-Norðurkoti is my best mare and in my eyes the best horse there is. There might be higher judged horses then she is. But she has a combination of qualities which I have not found in another horse. 

    She is this type who always at any second wants to do everything 100 % right. She is this type of horse who makes every rider look like a professional.  

    When Þota did not get pregnant one year I took her in and trained her again. She had not been ridden since she was at Landsmót 1,5 years before.

    I thought it might be a good idea to let her run a few rounds before riding her. She looked at me like I was an idiot. Like she was telling me: Just jump on, don't make a fuzz. So I did. And it was crazy, she had not forgotten a single thing. She was just super light with the rains, I ust had to think and she moved to the side. I want out on her into a snow storm on our very first ride. This mare would carry you everywhere, not afraid of anything with 0,0 stress in her but all the power you want if you ask for it. 

    Þota can be ridden by pretty much everybody and is always amazing. I very much like this in horses, I would not want to breed with a horse which does only look good with a professional rider.

    Nótts father Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A is one of my favorite stallions. He received only 4 years old 9,5 for tölt and and has given manymany horses which do great things on the breeding and sport track. I have ridden many offsprings of Krákur and they are all super honest horses with fantastic mind and endless speed in smooth tölt.

    Nótt is right now with the highest judged stallion in the world Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti. He is judged with 8,95 in total, 8,70 for confirmation and 9,11 for gaits, just 6 years old at the breeding show. Pretty unique is that he received 9 or hiher for each single gait. 

    He is also the probably best sport 5 gaiter of the near future. He received 7,73 in preliminaries in his first outside competition (WR competition). I saw him there, this was just a new level of 5 gaiter. And you just dont look at any other horse when you see him. This almost 1,50 m tall stallion with his 9,5 for proportion and 9 for his beautiful neck just catches everybody´s eye.

    Stay tuned, this guy will beak some more records in the future (((;


    I think the combination between Nótt with her super clean gaits and the Álfurson is a veeeery good one, I had put a lot of thought into it.  Pretty sure their foal will be sth!

    video of Nótt (taken first ride after the breedingshow. Many horses are pretty stressed then, not Nótt as you can see, love this about her (((;  ):