Son of Spuni frá Vesturkoto and first price mare with 9 for tölt,first offspring with 8,38


born 2014
black with star
BLUP 121

Son of THE Spuni frá Vesturkoti and a first price mare with 9 for tölt which has given already one very high judged mare!
Here you have the opportunity to buy something really special! The 2014 born stallion is a son of the highest judged horse in the world (8,92, 9,25 for ridden abilities 5 years old) and winner of A Flokkur at Landsmot 2014 Spuni frá Vesturkoti.


The mother of the young stallion is a first price mare which has 9 for tölt! 
Her first offspring Telma frá Steinnesi received already 4 years old first price, 2014 with just 5 years she received 8,38 in total, 8,58 for ridden abilities (9 for tölt, spirit and canter):. Here a video of Telma, the sister of the young stallion: