One year old FULLBROTHER of Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli for sale


born 2011
Are you looking for something very very special?

The one year old fullbrother of the amaizing Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli is for sale!
Korgur is one of the best maybe the best 4 gaiter in Iceland. He received only 5 years old 8,41 in total at a breeding show. He was 2011 and 2012 the highest judged 4 gaited stallion in Iceland.
He has no mark for ridden abilities under 9! 9,5 for General Impression, Canter, Slow Tölt!
He won this year just turned 6 years old the Icelandic Masterdivision 4 gait and Dressage.
Korgurs one year old fullbrother Kolbeinn won last year the big foalshow in the south in Ingolfshvoli.
As you can see on Korgur the pedigree of Kolbeinn is very interesting. His father is the Safír frá Viðvík son Leiknir frá Vakurstöðum who has many times prooven to give super 4 gaiters.

The mother is not judged, but she is out of the two firt price horses Geysir frá Gerðum and Gola frá Gerðum (see pictures, the not black ones (-; ). Both of the are from Ófeigur frá Flugumýri.

Here you can see a video of Korgur at Landsmot 2012:
Here a short video from Kolbeinn where he won the Foalshow: