No question, future TOP 5 gaiter and Tölt horse!!!


  • Price Class C - 800.000 - 1.300.000- ISK

  • born 2015
    BLUP 120

    This guy really has the breeding line for doing outstanding things in the future!!!

    His mother Katla frá Blönduósi was 2012 the second highest judged 4 year old mare in the world!!! 
    She received just 4 years old (!!!) 8,25 in total, fantastic 8,45 for ridden abilities with 9 for pace and 9 for spirit!!! 
    Even so she would have had far higher possible marks with more training in the future, the owners decided to put her directly into breeding.

    The father Hersir frá Lambanesi is also such an outstanding talent. Hersir was 2013 the highest judged 4 year old horse in the world!!!

    With Léttfeti frá Lækjamóti is an absolut outstanding talented young gelding for sale! He has it all to become a Superstar in 5 gait and Tölt competitions! Everything seems very easy and effortless for him, he just plays with all 5 gaits. He has high and super wide movements. In slow speed he dances, collection seems very easy for him but at the same time he very effortless speeds up. he is big and very! beautiful built with his long very well raised neck and long legs.

    Also his character matches his talents. He was now inside for 1 week for halter training and from the first day he was very open towards humans and curious, very sweet guy!
    Léttfeti is a perfect project for sb. who wants a TOP horse but who does not want to spend a top price for a horse like this.

    (The red horse under rider is his mother Katla, the bay horse under rider his father Hersir)