Fantastic son of Lukku-Láki frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði, the whole package!!!


BLUP 113
born 2012
already 1,45 m plus
black pinto with one blue eye

This guy is really special! He is born 2012 but if you would tell me from his size, look and behaviour I would easily believe that he is some years older! 

He is very big, already over 1,45 m. For his character I have to give him full points, he just loves to be around humans but is respectfull at the same time.

He has a great breedingline, his father is the fantastic Lukku-Láki frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði, firt offspring of the highest judged mare in the world and the Sleipnir price winner Álfur frá Selfossi.

His mother is a daughter of Gustur frá Hóli and Fríða frá Hvammi. Fríða is for example the mother of Löpp frá Hvammi, which is the mother of Orka frá Hvammi (mother of Ómur frá Kvistum) and Þröstur frá Hvammi. Fríða is also the mother of Dóttla frá Hvammi which is the mother of Klettur fra Hvammi.

Last but not least,this guy can really move! He shows huge movements and a lot of driving power from behind. 

It will be exciting to bring him later on to breedingshow. When he is finished growing he will get likely around 8,50 for conformation! Everything on him looks very correct, his neck is his high set and long, well raised, his legs are strong, he is elegant with long legs, good musceld top line, the hoovees are strong,... 




Here a videoof his sister (same mother):