Fantastic first price mare, 6th pace at Landsmót!!!!!


born 2007
BLUP 117

Eydís is a fantastic 5 gaited first price mare with TOP sport! breeding lines! She was on the 6th pace of 5 year old mares at Landsmót 2012!!!

She received just 5 years old 8,40 for ridden abilities with 9 for slow tölt and general impression (!), 8,25 in total.

Her breeding line is very exciting. Her father is Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku. He was one of the best sport 5 gaiter, died unfortunately rather young:
The mother of Eydís is a first price mare which has given many first price offsprings. Her father is the former world champion Baldur frá Bakka. Many people look for offspring’s of him. You will find his blood in many of the best sport 5 gaiters!

Eydís just gave birth to a beautiful stallion foal and is ready to go to a stallion of your choice the next days.
There are a lt of fantastic stallions here in the area available, if you want I can help you to find the right one and organize everything.

She could of corse also go in training again, she would make a super 5 gaiter and Tölt horse.