Are you looking for a stallion to rock Landsmót 2020? (;


  • Price Class D - 1.300.000 - 2.000.000- ISK

  • born 2016
    BLUP 123
    red with blaze, white socks and one blue eye

    This guy really has the breeding line for doing great great things!!!
    His mother Katla frá Blönduósi was 2012 the second highest judged 4 year old mare in the world!!! She received just 4 years old (!!!) 8,25 in total, fantastic 8,45 for ridden abilities with 9 for pace and 9 for spirit!!! Even so she would have had far higher possible marks with more training in the future, the owners decided to put her directly into breeding. Understandable, everybody would want to breed from such an outstanding mare!

    His father is the 2 times Landsmót winner Ölnir frá Akranesi. Ölnir won the 5 year old class of stallions at Landsmót 2014 and this year the oldest stallion class with 8,82 in total, 9,09 for ridden abilities! Like Katla was Ölnir 2013 the second highest judged 4 year old stallion in the world.

    So you can see, this young stallion has really ALL possibilities!!!!

    (the red horse under rider is his mother Katla, the red horse with blaze and blue eye is his father Ölnir)