Very exciting stallion prospect!!!


  • Price Class B - 400.000 - 800.000- ISK

  • Born 2016
    BLUP 118

    Gaits, look, breedingline AND color, this guy has it all.

    The soon 2 year old stallion is very build with long legs and a high set, long and well arched neck.

    His breeding line is super exciting. 
    His father is the famous Lukku-Láki frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði, the first son of the highest judged mare in the world and the leipnir prize winner Álfus frá Selfossi. Lukku-Láki is judged with 8,60 in breedingshow and scored already well over 7,50 in 5 gait.
    The mother of the young stallion is judged with 8,20 in breedingshow, 8,38 for ridden abilities. She had very high movements. Her breeding line is super exciting as well. She is from the honory price mare Löpp frá Hvammi (mother of Orka frá Hvammi for example who is mother of Ómur and Óliver frá Kvistum) and the famous Hrynjandi frá Hrepphólum who is for example father of the world champions Hnokki frá Fellskoti and Tigull frá Kleiva.

    The young stallion is rather sensitive in handling, I see him as a super exciting project for an experienced trainer.

    IS2016187042 - Nn frá Hvammi