1000 % safe, super fun, super beautiful first price gelding (;


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  • Born 2005
    1,46 m

    Þrymur frá Kirkjubæ is a horse everybody would love to have in the stable. He is a real töltmachine with a lot of speed in tölt, also very good walk, trot and canter. He has a perfect character, is for EVERYBODY to ride, 1000 % safe.

    When the video was taken he has been outside on a field, just ridden maybe 4 times before the video is taken with super short hooves, so you just see him on maybe 20 % at the moment. With a little bit training he will do really well in T2 and 4 gait.

    When he was 6 he was judged in breeding show with 8,17 in total, 8,5 for his extremely beautiful conformation. He received 8,5 for tölt, slow tölt, general impression and spirit, 9 for gallop and 8 for trot and walk. 

    He was gelded the same year, can be with mares and other geldings together, no problems.

    A better pedigree is hard to find. His father Þyrnir frá Þóroddsstöðum is a 8,60 stallion with first prize for offsprings . Þrymurs mother is a first price mare and mother to many super stars like for example Valgarð frá Kirkjubæ who received 2d place at Landsmot 2016 in the group of 4 year old stallions.

    Luck person who will own this great guy!!!