10 for pace, 8,90 ridden abilities, Krókus frá Dalbæ

  • Price Class G - 4.000.000 - and over- ISK

  • Let me introduce you: THE !!!! Krókus frá Dalbæ 

    I am thinking how to describe this guy in a few words. So let me try:

    8,90 for ridden abilities, 10 for pace, endless speed, woldclass sport 5 gaiter, T2 horse, speedpace, pacetest AND best freetime horse possible, amazing breeding lines, Top stallion for breeding, as fun as it gets, one of the best and definitely most fun horses I ever tried, super good mind,...... ok, i guess you see I am in love!!! 

    AND for sale (Pssst, i mean the horse (; )