Looooove this mare, best character ever!

  • Price Class B - 400.000 - 800.000- ISK

  • about 1,42 m plus

    born 2010

    Let me introduce you to a very special horse I am really in love with. 

    Ynja is a 7 year old mare which has the most sweetest character you can imagine. She is not scared of anything. She could be the perfect horse for the whole family, also for children.
    She is super light in the mouth, well trained.

    Ynja is probably one of the most confident and sweetest horses I have ever met. When we took her for example the first time with us to the beach it was like she was the most experienced one there. New surroundings, going on a trailer, she always makes the impression as if she has done it a million of times before.
    I really wish to find the perfect home for this so special mare, she really deserves the most loving owner.

    Ynja has good movements and is suitable for lighter competitions beside being the perfect freetime horse.

    Ynja is also interesting for breeding. Her father Stormur frá Leirulæk is a first price stallion with a HUGE X Factor. 
    Ynjas mother is a good judged 4 gaited mare with 8,5 for tölt and trot and 9 for general impression.

    In the pictures you can see her mother (pinto) and her father (bay).